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"[My favourite album of 2020 was] The Orielles, Disco Volador. I found it on Spotify via Come On Down Jupiter appearing in my playlist and keep listening to it again and again, right up my street musically." - Annabella Coldrick, CEO of Music Manager Forum

"The title of this English indie band's second album Disco Volador translates to Disco Flying, I guess, and though it may not make sense on the page, put on this track and tell me you're not out of your chair within fifteen seconds. There are hints of early '90s rave-inflected Britpop in here, put through a Stereolab filter and aimed for the dancefloor. The Orielles ask "Can you re-align the boundaries of my sensory home," and while I have no idea what that even means, I lean toward yes." - Dave Holmes for Esquire

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